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Whole home automation

Automation to make your technology easy to use

We offer simple to use control systems from one room to controlling an entire home from a single interface.  No more coffee tables with 5 remotes laying around; just one press on a control solution brings to life your entertainment system. This encompasses multi-zone audio/video components, lighting, HVAC, security and more. Ultimately, the success of the installation is judged upon the usability and reliability of the control system and the user interface.

Want to control your entire home with your phone?

We offer high quality electronic systems for your home that allow you to control, monitor, and check to see that all systems are running and working.


You do not have to worry about:

• forgetting to reset your thermostat,

• having to be home to let in a visitor

• checking to see if you closed the garage door

• turn off the sprinklers if it is raining

• set your favorite show to record


We specialize in whole home automation.

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